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Transferring to a different university has become more and more common.

In fact, we've lately been recieving numerous inquiries from students wishing to transfer to a university in Europe. When asked why they wanted to attend a European institution, the majority of students stated that they:

  • Failed some modules or subjects and are being held back;

  • Dissatisfied with their current university's teaching structure;

  • Recognized that tuition fees were extremely overpriced as compared to universities in Europe providing comparable education;

  • Or due to other personal, economical, or political difficulties.

With Movedirekt, transferring to a different university has never been easier! We may assist you with transferring to the next year of an English-language program so that you do not lose a year.

We can assist you in obtaining a European degree with an industry leading service price of only 1500€ - our VIP services included, providing you with a full support throughout the transfer process and while you are enrolled at your new university.

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