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How to Apply

Once you have contacted us we will make our initial assessment of your qualifications and your pre-academical achievements. Based on our experience, we suggest you where are the best chances of being accepted to study. If you’re applying from a country outside of the EU, we take in consideration the criteria of obtaining a study visa as well. If we think that we can help you with the application we will send you an offer containing the detailed service plan, specific to your needs. If you accept our offer we will then send you a contract to sign with us.


  1. After signing the contract, we provide you the complete information package and we organize your application.

  2. At the same time we will send you the first invoice for our processing fee. We need this fee in advance in order to pay for the translation and legalization in the country you chose to apply in.

  3. Once we’ve received your documents, we will check them with the university and we will make sure that everything is complete and correct.

  4. Your application is then carefully prepared by us and sent to the respective university and the corresponding Ministry of Education. Movedirekt guarantees that correct application documents will be delivered quickly to the relevant authorities.

  5. We will inform you immediately if you have been accepted by the university and we will organise the letter of acceptance for you.

  6. Only once you have been accepted will we send you an invoice with the rest of the payment (excluding the previously paid processing fee).

In case of unsuccessful application, YOU DON'T HAVE TO PAY OUR HONORARY FEE! 

We offer two different services: Basic (application + letter of acceptance) or Premium (Basic service + enrolment + local support). If you choose the Premium Service, we will organize the local services in the country where you’re going to study. For details, please see the list below:


  • FREE consultation

  • FREE advice on the most suitable universities for you

  • One-to-one advice on life in the respective European country

  • Guidance on any concerns you may have or questions regarding documents and the application procedure


  • Professional completion and submission of your documents

  • Translation, Notarisation, Apostillisation and Legalisation of your documents

  • Guaranteed acceptance letter

  • FREE entrance exam preparation course material

  • We also cover the application fee

  • Assistance with obtaining entrance and student visa, if necessary

  • Assistance with payment of tuition fee to the university

3. VIP

All basic services plus the complete local support by our local representatives who will ortanize the following for you:

  • Airport pickup

  • Reservation at a hotel/ hostel for the first days

  • University and city tour and presentation

  • Enrolement at the University

  • Assistance by finding a suitable accommodation

  • Registration with the local authorities

  • Advice on health insurance

  • FREE SIM card

  • Assistance with opening a bank account

  • Assistance with selecting an internet provider

  • FREE consultation for as long as you're enroled

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