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About us

About us

Helping Hand


Nothing beats firsthand experience and we went throungh student application process via several agencies ourselves.

It is our strong desire to help prevent others ever feel neglected or abandoned during such a huge life endevour which catapulted us onto this path.

We want to be your climbing partner that you can trust your life to hence creating a bond as solid as the rock we ascend, which stands today between you and your future sucess.

Why Choose Movedirekt

Movedirekt is one of the only student recruitment agencies born out of multi professional collaboration between experts who graduated after studying abroad themselves and followed it up with a decades-long successful international careers in some of the top private companies and public institutions within their respective fields of expertise.

As industry leading professionals we are also in a unique position to share with you our first hand study abroad related experiences as well as provide you with unique guidance through evaluation of study programmes based on upcomming industry trends, hence helping you select the best possible future career path.


We understand how challenging but incredibly beautiful and eye-opening experience it can be to study abroad since we went through it ourselves and we loved every step of the way from:


  • overcomming the intial language and social barriers via

  • identifying and acknowledging important cultural differences to

  • wonderfull discoveries about national history and cultural treasures


all of which gave us and will give you the best possible prerequisites for future onboarding in any multinational working environment.

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